1. Plan

MC starts at the conceptual stage, assists in the design, engineering, approvals and all that is required to complete the project. This begins by meeting with the client to do a site feasibility study. Depending on the location and whether there are any restrictions, it would from there be determined if you can build what you want to build and if the site complies with current zoning.
Other factors in determining whether the build is possible is taking into consideration equipment access or whether there would be restrictions any for large trucks, excavators, dozers, barges, etc.
Environmental restrictions from various agencies such as the NEC, NVCA and MOT are taken into account. A detailed package of the plan is prepared which includes drone shots and surveys so the client is confident in their investment.

For the modular home, the second stage is where the client meets with the designers and drafting team at Honomobo to design and customize the base of the home.

2. Design

It is at this stage that the client is set-up with different architects (custom home) and engineers that provide the stamped drawings of the townships as well as an interior designer to assist with the interior. The design is completely dependent on the client’s needs and what they want their prints to include. An architectural drawing can be as very detailed, such as including all trim, glass and fixture heights to give an example.

The Modular is designed and drafted through the talented Honomobo team.

3. Budget

Once a budget is complete, the client has access to our project management portal to view live quotes, and the ability to view the margins as well as multiple tenders. Bids are live from preferred suppliers. Blue prints, daily videos, sign-ins and outs of trades, quotes, proof of insurance are all live.
This project management portal is where clients can go to their dashboard to see pricing to gives full disclosure and complete transparency.
With custom homes, while a budget is established, there is always a variance. A slight contingency is a good idea to carry as a budget can change depending on the amenities chosen while the project progresses.

With the modular home, the project is turnkey, landscaped and move-in ready!

4. Schedule

Once budget is complete – a complete review is scheduled to go over every detail from start to finish.

5. Deliver

Once the project is complete, we assist in scheduling a move-in date with delivery trucks for your move.